Tabs could be more user friendly.


I feel the tab behaviour could be improved in DevonThink.

  1. Once a file is open on a new tab. The next file create a new tab automatically. I think it should behave more like a browser. We tell Chrome when to open a new tab. otherwise, just stays with the current tab.

  2. When I switch to another tab, the path and the group doesn’t update. I need to manually press cmd+R to reveal the path. I feel this doesn’t make much sense either. In Chrome, when I am on a new tab. The address bar always shows the current address. It should be the same in DevonThink - I use the three panes view, it should tells me where the file is stored in the database in the other panes automatically.

  3. It should allow open an empty tab. At the moment, I have to keep the current file open in the front window, then go to the other panes, right click on the file, select open in tabs. But this is not user friendly at all.

Because I can’t preview the other document. If I open them by accident, they cannot be open on tab anymore.

Users should be allowed to create empty tabs, then decide what file that I am going to work on. It’s like browser again, there is nothing wrong to open a tab, then enter the address. I know that empty tab could be created once second tab is open. But this is not very intuitive.

  1. If switching to another tab, the file on that tab is stored in another database. Press cmd+R doesn’t reveal the path, and it will open a new window. But I just need to know where the file is located.

I hope that the tab function will be improved in the future.