Could you plese tell me if there is a way to open a file (or any data) in a View as a split enviroment in a new tab? I know that I can do this by holding down right mouse and choosing open in new tab. But is there a shortcut? According to the Help, if I hold Command+Shift and click once it should open in a new tab. But this refers probably to a link and not to a data file.
Please help. Is it a place where we can fin a tble with all shortcuts?
Devon is Fantastic!

The shortcut of Data > Open in Tab is Cmd-Opt-O.

Thank you for your answer. But the shortcut you suggest works when I have two or more data selected and I wish to open these data in tabs. Great. But I am asking a different question. I have one data (file, url, etc.) opened in the window. Now if I choose another data (with arrow or mouse) this opens the data in the same window and not in a new tab. Having one data opened, how can I open a second data in another tab? There is only one way (via contextual menu)?

Thank you.

Option double-click should do this.

Right Right Right! Thank you!
Is there a place where we may find a list of all shortcuts? I think that this is important.

Thank you

As the shortcuts are specific to where you are in the application, which window is frontmost, you can find a list of all available shortcuts in the respective chapter and section for that window type or document view. See the chapters “Windows” and “Documents”. All available modifier keys are summarized and listed there.