Tag a file and automatically allocate to database in general inbox

Hi, sorry if the topic is already discussed. I am wondering if I put a file in the general inbox and tag it. could I create an automation to let the file go to the database I desired? or there is other better way to do so without tag it. I ask this because I always save the file to inbox and later on have to put it into the desired database. Many thanks!

There’s the event “on tagged” (or “on tagging”, I’m using the german version of DT3) for smart rules. Also, there are actions to move items to databases. So that should be quite easy, and you might want to consult the chapter “Automation” in the DT3 documentation.

However, if you want to move the records to different databases depending on the tag(s), that might be a bit more tricky and require scripting. That’s because the “move to” action for smart rules accepts only pre-selected locations. If you’re only using a few (I’d say five or less) tags and move targets, you could provide rules for each of them. Otherwise, I’d go for a script

Thanks Chrillek!I do fell the tag is a little bit tricky and scripting could be hard for me. Many thanks for answering my question!