Tag Autocompletion

I want some opinions here…

I am working on a major project utilizing Tags for some data segregation. In addition to this database, I have several other databases open. I went to add a Tag criterion to a Smart Group in this new database and was surprised to see auto-completion suggestions from every open database. Since the Smart Group only applies to this database, I expected the suggestions would be only from this database’s Tag Groups.

I can see cases where this behavior may be desirable, but it would be more expedient if the auto-completion would be confined to the current database’s Tags.

On the other hand, I don’t want to add Preferences to an already full Preference system. How about adding something to the Smart Group sheet that filters and only offers the current database’s Tags?


I would expand the definition of tags a bit:

  1. “Real” tags – groups that are children of the “Tags” group in every database
  2. “Normal groups” – groups that are included for tagging and thus show up in the tags bar, Smart Group configurator, etc.

For “type 1” tags there could be a check-box to limit tag auto-completion to this database. I happen to like using tags in common across all databases, because I define “type 1” generically, and use “type 2” groups for localized tagging in this – so I wouldn’t use this feature, but it’s a good idea :slight_smile:. It’s curious that cross-database autocompletion is used in the Smart Group configurator but not in the tag bar.

On the other hand, I never have a reason for autocompletion of “type 2” tags in any location except in this database. Why would I want to configure a Smart Group in a database to find a tag that it cannot find because the tag is “type 2” in another database? So I think that “type 2” tags that do not belong to this database should always be excluded from tags autocompletion except for global sidebar Smart Group configuration.

I would welcome that!

When I’m in my research database, I would prefer not having to see/think/consider any other tags, other than the ones from the DB I’m focusing on.

It also starts becoming annoying when the tag tries to autocomplete a tag-term, which is spelt similarly, but from another DB.

It’s not a deal-breaker, but if it could be done - would be very helpful!

I agree.

You’re right, a future release will improve this.