Tag bar in split pane view

In the view a list of groups on the left with arrows (a la Mail, iTunes) and a single window on the right showing icons of the individual items (the one fourth from left in the menubar) the tag bar doesn’t seem to work as it does in other views.

In other views if you select an item the tag bar shows the tags.

In this view if you have selected the group folder icon on the left, the items show on the right. Click-highlight an item, and “No Tags” always shows in the tag bar. If, on the other hand, you click-highlight the item on the LEFT in the list of groups, it correctly shows the tag. I’d like to be able to click-highlight on the RIGHT and see the tag as well. Seems to work consistently like that anywhere else (in the three pane view for example).


This view can be a bit confusing, as what you describe doesn’t sound right but it is the expected behavior. When you have a group selected in the left pane of the split view, the tag bar is showing the tags for the selected group. Even when you select a document on the right side, the focus of the tag bar is still on the group. You’ll need to drill down into the group (double-click on the group in the left pane, or select the group and command-option-down arrow), show the info pane when a document is selected, or open the document in its own window to view/edit the tags in the Split view.

I don’t believe that any view that shows icons for individual documents will display tags in the Tags bar when a document icon is selected. Neither Column View, nor Split View, nor Three Pane View (in the case where a group is selected and Open in Tabs is selected – although that’s an odd view that normally doesn’t get selected).

In Split View you can use the Widescreen option for document previews in the rightmost pane – in the Groups and Document pane to the left of that you can show/hide columns with View > Columns, including the Tags column. In Split View without the Widescreen option, the columns are shown at the top. But neither of these options will display tags in the Tags bar when a document icon is selected.

IIRC, this has been the case always since tagging was introduced.