Tag case sensitivity

Perhaps it exists already, but I can’t find it.

I’d like DEVONthink Pro to ignore case in its tags. For example


become the same tag, and it removes the capitalised tag and replaces it with lower case.

Hmm, interesting that tags are case-significant but searches aren’t.

Not sure auto-downcasing is a good idea (or possible), e.g. because of group names mapping to tag names.

Speaking of group to tag name mapping… has there been any discussion (references welcomed) of Tags view making separate tags for same-named groups vs. combining them under a single tag? For example, I’ve got several groups named Comments under different parents that Tags view lists separately instead of being unified as a single Comments tags (which I’d prefer, wanting tags to be location-independent). And when more than one of those tags is selected none of the corresponding documents appear in a documents list, making me question what the purpose of multi-selection is in that context.

Yes, this has been discussed most recently here. In that thread I posted a tip on how to combine same name groups into a single tag. Bill also started a thread on tag name mapping in the beta forum about a month ago.

Thanks, Greg. I’d put that first thread on my “read when I can give it undistracted attention” list but still hadn’t gotten around to it. It and other tag-related topics are higher priority now that I’m giving tag usage more serious consideration.

Doing it automatically isn’t a good idea probably but offering a “Merge Tags/Groups” command might be one.

A future release will combine them (but still offer the possibiliy to access the individual tags/groups).