Tag-display is crap when assigning lots of tags per document

sometimes DevonthinkOffice’s interface simply behaves like crap. E.g. when you assign lots of tags to a document, they show up as one row at the botton of the document, but once there are to many to be displayed in one row, the excess tags, that don’t fit into that row, simply disappear. There is no “automatic word wrap” so to speak. Thus you cannot tell what/if tags are there but not visible.

The same problem with the “info”-button of a document window. Clicking on it shows two rows of tags, but not how many/if tags are there but not visible.

And the same problem when importing a pdf and being asked to assign tags to that pdf, the pathetic little field allows for a few tags but not much.

So Devonthink has basically no way of displaying all tags of one document at once if there are too many. This feels very poorly conceived.

Though the tag-feature was to be one of Devonthinks USPs the lacking user outcy about the halfbaked implementation of this feature convinces me not to expect any improvement of the tag-handling within im lifetime.

I would’t bet that wearing the scary-angry hat is really effective, but…

Not “at once” but place the cursor in either the Tags bar or the Tags section of Tools > Show Info… and scroll forward/backward through all the tags of a document.