Tag filtered view should not show.... tags

I love the tag filtering function, especially to get a grip on my cluttered Inbox. There’s one thing that baffles me, though. If I click on a tag to filter on that tag, I expect documents to be displayed that have this tag. However, in addition, I get an item called Tags, with a subitem named for the tag filtered on, and within that the same documents again.
This is superfluous. And it’s annoying, since if I do a ‘select all’ on what I have in the window, the inclusion of the (readonly) tags item prevents me from grouping, moving, deleting or whatever I want to do with the found items. I have to grab my mouse and command-click to adjust the selection to do anything.

Tag filtered view

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Development would have to assess this.

One solution might be to use the unified tags, see Preferences > General. Or View > Show Only Documents.