Tag/Group and Colors

I have a huge database of pdf and doc files.
I have a structure of folders and subfolders.

In every folder i have different files. For example: in a folder of 10 files, 3 are Articles, 3 are Captions, 2 are X and 2 are Y.

Actually, as prefix of every file, i have the name of the type of file.
Example: ARTICLE - DT is nice.doc

Now, i’d like to make all the prefix as tags, and then change all the name of files.

But my desire is to have different colors of the files that reflect every tag.
And the same for future files related to every tag.

Example: i want that files of ARTICLE tag are RED.

How can i do it?

in the three view, in the space for files, tags are in blue.
Is there a way to see them with colors?


You could probably simply select each group, sort by name - which would then presumably group your files by *article; *annotation; *notes etc. - and then label manually?

Would be quicker to conduct a “search” of the specific criteria you want to re-label, and then simply CTRL-A to select all, and label like that?

But the above is kind of stating the obvious - so apologies if I am not following your query… :blush:

If you want it to happen automatically, that would presumably involved designing a script - but there are others here who are far more qualified than me, who could explain if that is possible…

Good luck!

[EDIT:] Having read what you wrote again, I see you are making mention of “tags” - not labels… I speak under correction, but I don’t think you would be able to change the colour of the tags… It would be useful if one could though!