Tag Help... Merging


I keep all my teaching documents in a devonthink database that is Indexed from a DropBox folder. I seem to have 2 tags in devonthink, but only 1 Tag in the dropbox (finder folder)

/Users/robemini/Library/Application Support/CleanShot/media/CleanShot 2019-05-12 at 16.58.44@2x.png

(The finder only has the lowercase inbs)

Can I merge these? what’s the best way? Finder or inside DT? I remember trying this in the past and not getting the results I expected… any advice ?


You can merge the two Tags, noting the top one will be retained.
Note: This change isn’t reflected in the Finder, in terms of case-preserving but @cgrunenberg would have to weigh in on whether that’s a bug or intentional.

Thanks! Can you give a little more specific advice as to how to do this? My goal is to have the Finder be exactly the same as my Database (that’s why I index). I don’t have a preference for case, I just want all the files in inbs and INBS under one tag… as I said, in the finder they are all inbs, should I switch to that one??