Tag lists within smart groups

Hello all,

I am a researcher trying to identify archival documents that share multiple tags. Namely, I have created tags for the year the document was made, as well as its properties and attributes (pamphlet/newspaper article, about x event or y person, etc.)

I have gathered all of the sources tagged with certain year tags (1959-1969, for example) into a Smart Group and now I would like to see which tags those sources have in common. However, I can’t seem to be able to view the tags just for that Smart Group - some of the tags that appear do not have any members of the Smart Group included.

Is there any way that I can view the tags just for one Smart Group? And if so, can I sort those tags by the number of instances each tag occurs? I have tried sort–>size and I think it is sorting by the size of the documents included under that tag, not the number of instances of the tag.

Thank you very much in advance!