Tag maintenance - old tags still in tag suggestion

Hi Devonthink community,

I have a question regarding tags. More precise the tags that are suggested while tagging new items.

I safe most of the articles I read all day in Devonthink by using the Safari share menu on macos and ios. All the items I add to my database are tagged. Recently I cleaned up my list of used tags and constructed a system that helps me keep track of focus topics and gives the tagging some logic. For this I deleted or renamed a lot of tags.
My issue is now that the old tags still get suggested when I am adding new items to my database…
Is there a way to get the old tags out of the suggestions and get only the tags that are listed in my database?

Thanks for any help…
Best, Frank

P.S.: If any Devon employee reads this: I love the way you guys are going with the new website and Devonthink3, great job! Can’t wait to see an updated Devonthink to go with smart groups :wink:

You could use a smart rule that is regularly performed. E.g. this is one of my smart rules and performed before synchronizing:


Unfortunately this dind’t help me but deleted most of my tags despite they had been in use…
But I’m using that chance to build up my tagging logic from ground up.

Are you sure you used exactly the same conditions? I’ve been using this rule for many months without any issues.

Thank you so much for this! Examples really help us naifs scaling the learning cliff. You just saved me many hours trying to figure this out (arguably good for brain maintenance but hell on time management).

I’m trying to set up this smart rule–but I don’t see “On Synchronization” as an option, only before and after. Am I missing something?

No. That is an old post. Before and after are the options now.

Nice. Worked perfectly. Thanks!

You’re welcome :slight_smile: