Tag on Import/Sorter

Great feature addition the Take Note in the Sorter. For the next release which is expected to inlucde tagging I strongly suggest theat tagging possibility exist as a file is dragged to the sorter or moved into ia Databaset via a script o . Tagging later is sometimes cumbersome and inefficient .

thanks for the suggestion, we’ll consider this for the next beta (yes, another one… :wink:)

I agree. To me, it is essential that tagging be available during the import process. Particularly when using the sorter after selecting Save PDF in DEVONthink Pro, or even in the New With Clipboard process. Thanks for an outstanding application!

I agree too. Tagging is long overdue as a general feature of DT and should be integrated into the Sorter too. No offense (and it’s not like I’m a programmer and could do better myself :smiley: ) but you’re falling behind; the Yep2 beta has me seriously considering moving away from DT altogether …

+1 to that. The right time for tagging is while you’re clipping stuff to the Sorter, not later, when it’s all too easy to think “Why did I clip that stuff?”

I had switched to Together for a period of time but have since returned due to the remarkable improvements in the latest iteration of DTPO. However, the tagging when clipping is the only thing I really miss.