Tag or group icon

I’ve been experimenting with nested tags and coloured tags. (I know that colour is only visible in desktop). One thing I have noticed is that on desktop DT the icons for the parent tags and the child tags are the same tag icon. On iPhone/iPad the child tags are a mix of group and tag icons. I’ve gone through the settings for everything and I can’t see a difference in any of them.
Is it how they were created or some nuance that I am missing?

A screen capture of each device’s tags would be helpful.

Finally got my act together and pulled these screenshots…
Same database, same tags. One screengrab each of the top level of the tag group and one of the parent tag called “Podcast” First two from DT, second two from DTTG. I checked the iPad and the same situation exists (some child tags have the tag icon and some have the group icon) but on the iPad more of them are group icons. Everything is synced via Bonjour.

Since I tried reorganising the tags into a parent/child structure for just this one database, the only change I’ve come across in the behaviour of tagging in DTTG is that autosuggest is not working quite like it used to. Normally I could type three letters of a tag and get a suggestion, that’s not happening. However in other databases where I am not using parent/child tags I’ve noticed that it takes a little longer for autosuggests to pop up since the most recent DTTG update.

Are you typing tags that are shown as tags or groups?

I think I see where you’re going with this line of investigation.
It’s not consistent. I tried adding tags and what was suggested after typing three characters didn’t correspond with what is or isn’t showing as tags in the tag group.
I’ve also noticed that when I do select a suggested child tag it creates a new tag in the top level of the tag hierarchy and doesn’t use the existing one inside the parent tag.