Tag Pane Sidebar size

I love the Tag pane in the Sidebar, as it quickly allows me to find the documents that I’m looking for. However, I’ve noticed that it’s very dynamic in its size, which is a good thing, but equally a pain. For instance, if I click on a database or folder that has a lot of tagged items in it, it expands to show show all of the tags. That’s great, but it squishes the database/folder view pane to a particularly small size. I know that I can manually readjust the pane size, but is there a way to set the size of the pane so that it doesn’t enlarge beyond a certain size, as I’d prefer to keep the navigation pane larger than the tag pane? It would be really great if the tag pane automatically adjusted itself back to a smaller size, without any interaction on my part.

The Tags filter should actually remember & restore the last used height.

@cgrunenberg, Hi Christian,

So in the photo that I included, you’ll notice that the Tag filter pane has automatically adjusted itself to take up the vast majority of the screen real estate, making it difficult to navigate through my folder structure. My question is/was, how can I go about making the Tag filter pane smaller or reseting it to it’s default size, without my having to drag it back manually. Clicking on any of the folders in the navigation pane doesn’t reset it the Tag pane. I really don’t like having to drag the pane divider each time that I want more navigation pane real estate.


You can drag the separator, afterwards the Tags filter should use the new adjusted size.

Yep, I know that I can drag the separator manually, but this is tedious and a pain the neck to have to do continuously. That’s the point. It would be great if I didn’t have to drag the separator each time.

This shouldn’t be necessary (and works as expected over here). Which macOS version do you use? A screenshot after adapting the height and a screenshot of the window when the height isn’t the expected one would be useful.

Here’s the behavior and the fix

Changing height

  1. Open a main window.
  2. Make the Tags filter taller.
  3. Open a new main window.
  4. Show the Tags filter. It will be at the previous height.

Maintained height

  1. Open a main window.
  2. Make the Tags filter taller.
  3. Close the main window.
  4. Open a new main window.
  5. Show the Tags filter. It will be at the height from step 2.