Tag sorting order in Web Server

Thanks for adding a column for tags in the Server version of Beta6.

A couple things that I have noticed.

Sort Order

There is no way to sort files by the tags

ASCII sort order is not consistent

I use prefixes when creating tags so that certain tags will always appear in a certain order. For example, if you notice the screenshot from the regular DEVONthink app, below, the tag (For example: -en) starting with a dash will appear first. I use this first tag to classify the language. The second tag to appear begins with a period. This is my second level of hierarchy of tags as to the type of document. This means when I look at the file I can quickly ascertain the language and file type instead of using two extra metadata columns.

However, on the web server version, sort order seems to be different. Please see screenshot. There are tags that begin with dashes and periods appearing in different orders. It does not appear to be based on the tag name.

Can you please look into making the tag order consistent between Server and main versions?

I am not sure what the official standard is, but I have found some charts online after googling for ASCII sort order. For example, see sample chart.

You may be wondering why I am using tags in this way instead of custom metadata? The reason is the custom metadata is not yet available in the Server version. I did try using custom metadata for language and file types, but I found that it was noticeably slower to open a group and see the files appear (possibly this has changed with new beta). Tags on the other hand, appear instantaneous.

Thank you!

I have modified how the tags are displayed so that they displayed in a sorted order. Currently the Tags column is not sortable however this will be changed in a future update.

Thank you very much! :grinning::+1:t2: