Tag Suggestion

Excuse me if I am repeating a similar request elsewhere here, but no time to search.

Would it be possible to have an Evernote style/response with respect to Tags in that a tag auto-completes as you begin to type, or can at least suggest what has come before?

Tags, I find, are useless unless I can get some consistency across all my documents. Having 20 different tags for the same issue, which I am guilty of doing, is something I need to curtail. But unless I keep post-its all over my computer, I dont remember the tags I used before.

Is there any way that DevonThink can do that for me by forcing a suggestion, which I can override as needed?

How does the current behavior not do what you are looking for? Here is a document that I began to tag by typing ‘lea’ and this is the list of existing tags that were suggested.

I’m an idiot. I looked and didn’t see that when I upgraded to pb8. Thank you.