Tag suggestions includes files and folders

With the latest DTTG release, when enter a tag in the information pane, it shows suggestions based on files and folders, as well as tags. It should only suggest tags. 100% reproducible for me.

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I cannot replicate that behaviour. The only time I can get group names to be suggested in the tag field is when I am using group tags, at which point of the behaviour is expected. File names are never suggested here. Can you provide more details?

Maybe your database is set to treat groups like tags? You can set this (currently) only on the Mac in the database’s properties.

It’s only happening on DTTG, which doesn’t appear to have that setting. I’ve checked on the Mac, and I have the database set to exclude groups in tagging. I might have been wrong about seeing docs, but definitely groups.

If the database is set to exclude groups from tagging, only groups inside the Tags group (a.k.a. tags) should be returned.

Where do I look for the feature you mentioned, then? Treat groups like tags.

I have the database set to exclude groups in tagging

If you disabled this option you would get group tags.

This is discussed in the Help > Documentation > Getting Started > Tagging section.