Tagged Smart Groups Behavior

If a smart group is tagged, does that tag not apply to the smart group’s contents?

Here’s the point: I’d like to have several smart groups and know which items in a long list have not populated those several smart groups. For example: If all the smart groups (smart groups A B & C) have the same tag, then I can create another smart group (smart group D) that lists those items NOT having that tag; hence, those items not in any of those smart groups (smart groups A B or C), can be easily identified. Maybe there’s an easier way of doing this and I’m not “seeing the forest for the trees”. :wink:

Smart groups are saved searches – they are not groups whose children can inherit the parent tags. Smart groups have no content until you are viewing that smart group. Smart groups do not operate on the items displayed there – so, tags applied to smart groups are not applied to the search results displayed in that smart group.

Why not merely make a smart group that looks for documents in the database that do not have a certain tag?

Indeed, that’s what I’d like to do, but I was hoping for a way to automatically have that tag assigned, without having to type the tag each time or drag the item into a tag group.

My solution was to write/modify a script that would assign a tag when an item is OCR’d, then leftover zero word count PDFs that have been converted to OCR versions would be easily identified, because they would have the OCR’d tag.

The Kind of a searchable PDF (whether or not it contains searchable words) is PDF+Text. The Kind of an image-only PDF is PDF.

I wouldn’t bother to assign a tag to PDFs to identify them as having been OCRed, as that is already identified by Kind. If you wish to identify searchable PDFs that contain zero words, that can be done by adding the Word Count column (View > Columns > Word Count), sorting by Kind, then identifying the PDF+Text documents that have zero Word Count. Or, by using the Advanced button in the full Search window, search for documents that have Kind = PDF/PS and Word Count is 0. Display the Kind and Word Count columns in the Search results view. Sort either by Kind or Word count to identify PDFs that have or have not been OCRed and that contain 0 words. If that search would be useful as a smart group, create the smart group by clicking on the ‘+’ button to the right of the query field.