Tagging bar? PDF annotation tools?

The manual for DT Pro refers to these items. I can’t find them.


Tagging bar:

To make it visible, toggle this icon (in most views except Icons and List) - this screenshot is 3-panes view, on the right hand side, between the two panes:

The bar then appears at the bottom of the window - in this screen shot I’ve not entered any tags, so “No Tags” is shown:

PDF annotation tools can be added to toolbars in the main window and windows that you open for PDFs (see Greg Jones’ note, below). (View > Customize Toolbar)

The toolset looks like this:

Thanks. Didn’t realize that was the tagging bar.

Guess what I’m really trying to figure out is how you work with tags – i.e.,g create, assign, list, revise, etc. The manual is not very clear about that. Or maybe I haven’t found where it’s explained.

OK,I’ve got them on the main toolbar, but if by “open a PDF in its own window” you mean open a PDF within DT, they’re not showing up.

Just enter tags in the tag bar, hit enter to start a new tag. Once you have created some tags, DT will suggest tags when you type to assign tags to new documents. You can also click on the down arrow of a tag in the tag bar and DT will suggest related tags (once you have created a tag history). Other ways to assign tags include the info pane, or select a word in a document, right-click, and create a tag from the selected word.

Tags you create appear in the Tags group in the database, and you can work with them there in any view or switch to the dedicated tags view (Command-6).

Open the PDF in its own window in DT and customize the toolbar of the document. Changes you make to this toolbar will apply to all PDF documents that you open in a window.

Thanks, Korm. That was something else I was trying to figure out: how to open a PDF in its own window. I managed to do so, and now see what you’re talking about. All I was seeing before was what you see in the preview.

Thanks, Greg. That helps a lot – and it responds in advance to a complaint about the “timidity” of the tagging feature in DEVONthink that I just posted on the Requests and Suggestions forum. Guess I’ll have to go there and eat crow.


As you get into tagging, consider Ammonite from Soma-Zone. It’s a good tag browser for DTPO, with other nice features.

[size=85]Disclaimer - I have no connection to Soma-Zone or Ammonite.[/size]

Oh, I’ll have to check that out. Sounds like it might address even more of the concerns about tagging in DEVONthink that I expressed in another thread viewtopic.php?f=4&t=12335 than DEVONthink itself.

Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Yes, from the description on the soma-zone site it sounds like it does indeed. I’ve purchased it.

Thanks again,