Tagging individual rows in a sheet?

I want to create a sheet listing databases that I use on a genealogy website, with links to the databases among other information. Is there any way to add tags to each database row, for example to identify the state or country the records are from, or the type of record (vital records, census records, etc.)? Or can tags only be added to the sheet as a whole?

What I want to accomplish: I want to be able to find all documents in my database that have anything to do with, say, vital records, including pdfs of birth and death certificates; web articles about finding and working with vital records; and specific listings within the sheet that pertain to vital records.

I suspect that this is not possible, as I can’t find any reference to the concept in a search of the forums, but figured I should ask before giving up on the idea. If indeed it is not possible, perhaps someone can suggest another way to accomplish my objective.

Does searching (in smart Rules or adhoc) for “contents” of documents not give you what you are looking for?

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You can’t add DEVONthink tags to content in a sheet (or other file types). Tags are applied to files.

@rmschne is correct, that doing a contents-based search allows you to find text in a sheet. Is that insufficient?