Tagging items in Search Results: Unexpected behavior

Hi folks,

When I try to tag 1 item in search results (by selecting it and going to the “Info” palette and filling in the information for the 1 item) instead all the items found in the search results get tagged. This is regardless of how many items I’ve selected. Even if I select only 1 item and the Info palette is populated with that item’s information, adding a tag will tag ALL the items in the list.

Not only is that unexpected, it’s counterproductive. How else are you supposed to go around tagging things?


DEVONthink doesn’t behave that way here. Does the info pane show the document name (expected behavior) or does it say Multiple Selections?

Given this behavior, and the ‘glitchy’ drag behavior you mention in another thread, I would suspect that possibly you have other issues at play with your system.


Well some good news. I’ve figured it out. The info palette seems to freeze and doesn’t update. So despite clicking on other items, I see the wrong info, and if I don’t pay careful attention, it looks like all the items have the same tags.

(Just to clarify–this wasn’t a “multiple selection” issue, though that is a good question to ask obviously.)

Thanks for the help.

Thanks also for pointing out a possible connection to my other issue. I don’t think it’s a system-wide problem because 1) my computer is fairly new (Jan 2013), and 2) no other apps have been behaving strangely.

So I think, if I were to report a concern, it would be:

In search results, when selecting different items in the results list, the info palette with an item’s metadata often freezes, and does not change when you select a new item.

My computer has about 2.6GB of free RAM at the moment and the CPU is at 12%, in case that’s useful. I’m running a MBP I got in Jan 2013, so I don’t think there should be many performance issues.

(Btw I just trashed DT prefs, cache, etc–no change.)

Anyway, I hope this feedback is useful in its small way.

Thanks again for the help.