Tagging questions

I have a question regarding tags.

What is the easiest way to remove all my tags. In the process of creating a new database, I dragged and dropped a “group” from one database to the desktop and then into the new database. All it’s tags (which are trash) came too. How to I clean this up?


Easiest way is to select all the child tags of the Tags parent group and delete them – then empty the trash.

That is IF you are sure you have never created or imported or moved an original document into a Tag – which, for odd reasons, some people do. If you’ve done any of those things, then you’ll need to muck around inside your tags looking for the documents that will be deleted if you just delete the tags.

If you’re really not sure which category your data falls in, then for safety you can drag your tags to the Desktop or another folder and that will create a new folder in the file system for each tag, and a copy of each document inside those tags/folders. These safety copies can be kept until you are sure you have not lost any documents by deleting all your tags.