Tagging system quirks

I’ve been testing a trial version of DT3 for a couple of weeks now. One area that is maddening is how tag entries are handled. It’s a combination of Beat the Clock and Make No Mistakes. In one example, I have a document with one tag called “experimental photographer.” The next tag I attempt is “cyanotype.” Here’s what happens in many cases. (Quotes are obviously my annotation).

“c” “experimental photographer” “ano” “t” “ype.” I then need to go into the tag section and remove the errant entries. The mistake is likely to happen again and maybe by a third time I can successfully type “cyanotype” as one word. I’d rather have to type each tag anew because the autofill is at least a big part of the problem.

Tags are also duplicated to no end despite trying to condense them in the tag column.

I have the same issue when adding tags in the Info panel in the Inspector. I have somewhat more luck when using the Tags area (once enabled) underneath the display window for the current item.

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Thats for the tip–just tried it and it does behave better that way.

Does disabling automatic/scheduled syncs (see Preferences > Sync) fix this? Or were any background activities active according to the Activity pane/panel while entering the tags?

I was able to reproduce the issue, the next release should fix this.


Great! Thank you. I’ve been using the workaround that AlanRalph suggested. Works as it should.

Another tag issue is the prevalence of duplicates or empty tags when viewing the complete Tag array. I tried to clean it up but it appears to have a mind of its own and duplicates resurface as do empty tags. And it seems it may also affect where related documents end up within a particular database.