Tagging tags - just so crazy it might make sense

This morning I was working on some of my drivel, and realized that sometimes a bunch of things that go together belong in more than one place as a group. Easily done with either replicants or tags.

Tagging tags sounds like a hall of mirrors until you actually add a tag to a tag. It just works.

For instance, there’s a group for characters in a story. Another group is for important events. Characters Mortimer Snerd and Alfred E. Neumann are involved in an event, duel of morons.

The duel is at a location, which is described in a document in the locations group.

It makes sense to tag Mortimer, Alfred, and the location with a tag representing the duel.

If the duel is important in both chapters 3 and 18, I can tag the duel of morons tag with chapter 3 and chapter 18.

Now, duel of morons appears as a sub-tag under chapters 3 and 18. Most helpful. Anything I add or subtract from the duel of morons is reflected under those chapters.

Here’s the simple rule. When you add a tag to a file, it becomes a child entry under that tag.

Tagging a tag works exactly the same way. Add a parent tag to a child tag. The child tag doesn’t change in any way. When you go to the tag you used as a parent, it now includes the child tag.

Tags, tags, everywhere are tags, grouping up the scenery…

In a controlled, well thought out enviroment, this could make sense to someone.

If there was a wedding planned at the location between Mortimer and the lovely Esmerelda (as who is going to be betrothed to Alfred?!? :stuck_out_tongue: ), would you also want the wedding tag applied to the location… and obviously it’s the perfect location for the duel?

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I’ve already had my first major disappointment with this method.

I tagged my “logic” tag with “pretty flowers,” then tagged “pretty flowers” with “smells bad.”

Then I tagged “smells bad” with “logic.”

I was so hoping for a festive display of sparks from my Mac, but all I got was a patient sigh from Devonthink as it refused to create an infinite loop.

Which is a shame. A great philosopher once determined logic is not only a little tweeting bird chirping in a meadow. Logic is a wreath of pretty flowers which smell bad (TOS, I, Mudd).

While DT’s refusal to create fatal logic bombs is applaudable, we really should be able to represent the thinking of great minds.

It’s hard to create conditions that will cause DEVONthink to burst into flame. Sorry. :wink:


I. Am. Going. To. Remember. That. Response. For. The. Rest. Of. My. Life.