Tagging thing; maybe useful; maybe just strange

There’s a little freeware app named TagoMan2. Sits in the menubar and also a 10.6 service for OpenMeta tagging documents and some other interesting features. Generally not useful for DTPO since DTPO doesn’t sync tags with documents that live inside its databases, and AFAICT most OpenMeta tag managers can’t reliably find documents inside DTPO databases.

Except there’s one thing about TagoMan2. It implements a custom URL – tag://[tag name] where [tag name] can be a chain of tags connected by “+”: e.g., policy+economics+joy

So, if you put that custom URL into the URL field of a document (scriptable, btw), and you click on the URL in the URL bar, a nice TagoMan2 window opens that shows documents that Spotlight knows about that have the same tags (but not documents paths inside a DTPO database).

This might be a cheap trick, or it might be useful. I’m just reporting the facts. You decide.

I just downloaded TagoMan2 about an hour before reading this, so I’m playing with it as well. I just tried your tip and one thing that I believe will be a no-go for TM2 for me is the fact that it cannot work with multi-name tags. There’s a lot of tag managers out there-I’ve not tried one yet that does enough (without doing/costing too much) to be worth the effort. What script are you using to populate the URL field?

None…but it would be easy to grab all existing tags on a record and stuff them into the URL as “tag://{tags list}” Strangely, the string tag://economics%20policy is recognized by TagoMan as a two word tag (economics policy) but you can’t make a two word tag explicitly.

It also appears that TM2 can assign multi-word tags when the tag was created in another OpenMeta application. Strange that it does not directly support creating or searching for them. Another missing feature that would greatly enhance the original trick would be QuickLook support in the search window.

The HUD search results window size and location could be user-configurable also. I’ve created a QuicKeys shortcut to fix that, but it would be nice if TN2 remembered the last window position.

Just noticed that TagoMan2 is scriptable - find files with a given tag, tag files with a given tag. This is more interesting - the interaction with DTPO could be fun.