Tagging Tips-Aliases and URLs

The DEVONthink documentation mentions that an alias can be added to a group, but it may not be obvious that aliases can also be added to tags. This can be especially useful when importing documents with OpenMeta tags or RSS feeds when the Preference for feeds is set to ‘Convert categories to tags’. As an example, if I have a tag named ‘Smart Group’, I can open the info panel and add multiple words (separated by a comma+space) in the Aliases field. Now any time I import a document with an OpenMeta tag that appears as an alias, the tag will be changed to ‘Smart Group’. Voila-no more similar tags added to the database.

Tags can also have a URL assigned to the tag in the info panel. As an example, I’ve attached the URL for Nikon Cameras to my Nikon tag:

Now I can select the Nikon tag in a view, right-click, and select ‘Launch URL’ to open the Nikon Web site in my browser.

URLs are not limited to Web sites-I could copy the link to a group or document in the database, etc., and open that as well.

Thanks for the tip! Version 2.0.3 will also be able to merge tags and automatically add the necessary aliases for the merged tag.

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    Power tip of the month. Thanks Greg.