Tags as supplementary method of grouping

Thank you for your posts John. I have followed them with interest. I have written quite a bit on these forums about using DT for legal people (being one myself).

You might find the approach to tagging and folders I discuss in this thread pertinent to what you do:
[url]Put up Example page]

The problem I found tagging whole documents, is that its all very well to locate the documents, which say are tagged as ‘Regulation 66’, but each document may have 10s of pages, and fifty documents may be tagged as ‘Regulation 66’. I wanted to see only those portions of the documents that related to ‘Regulation 66’ and to be able to extract them for the purposes of preparing legal briefs and witness summaries.

To meet this need I created an annotation script (which is generally useful to other people) but which had its genesis in seeing some windows based legal tools such as Lexisnexis CaseMap.

[url]Make an Annotation with Links, Notes, Tags v2]
[url]Put up Example page]

There are a number of attorneys, solicitors, barrister, advocates, paralegals and legal academics (different names depending on where you are in the world) using DT and it seems to me it might be worth starting a thread especially for lawyer’s workflows.