Tags become keywords in imported scanned documents

I am very confused about the import scanned documents dialog. I can’t even tell if the behavior I see should be reported as a bug or welcomed as a feature :smiley: .

I scan a document with a ScanSnap, and (after the OCR completes) a modal dialog comes up with the fields “Title”, “Author”, “Subject”, “Tags” and “Created.” The buttons on the dialog are “Save” and “Cancel”.

What I see is that if I hit the Save button, then the Title, Author, Subject, and Tags are all saved (duh!), and also keywords are created for each one of the tags. (You can see the tags in “Information” floating panel, and the keywords in the “Document Properties” floating panel). Is there a hidden preference for this behavior?

Stranger is what happens if I hit the “Cancel” button: in this case the Title and Tags are saved, but the Author and Subject are left empty, and keywords are not created for each tag. Is there a reasonable explanation for this very unexpected behavior for “Cancel”?

One concern is that the keywords are stored with the document, so if I, for instance, tag a document as “Big Fat Slob Boss” the keyword “Big Fat Slob Boss” will be attached to the document, and will show up if I were to email the document to him.

Is there something I’m missing, or is this the way that DevonThink should work?

Note that tags become keywords only during the scanning process. If I tag the document later, the keywords are not changed.


Well, if he was the star of “Big Fat Slob Bosses of New Jersey” he’d probably be flattered. :wink:

Tags should be tags, and keywords keywords, and DTPO shouldn’t munge them. I also notice that tags entered into the dialog do not appear correctly in the Keywords column of the list view: I had entered three tags in the modal dialog: “one”, “two”, and “three” and this displayed: