Tags, Comments, URL, or Details

Given the limited space in iOS and DEVONthink To Go specifically, what is the most generally desirable item to be shown under the filename in the item list?

I show just the name, no details

Perhaps tags, otherwise just the name.

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Now that I have thought about it more, my earlier comment was about iOS. Are you asking specifically about iOS or all versions of DEVONthink To Go? I ask because I don’t know why iPadOS screen space is any more limited than macOS?

Often I’d like to see URL and Comment.

However, due to the space restriction adding a preference that allows to set what should be displayed would be nice. Ideally such a preference could be altered via URL scheme.

For me, file type and tags should always be shown there, followed by comment, while I wouldn’t care about URL. So ideally, more than 1 option.

Keep It on iOS lets the user decide what to show and I prefer its design in that area a lot. It gives complete control over showing tags, summary/description, thumbnail, file type, date, size and comments. It also lets you choose how many preview lines to show, making it easy to condense or expand this area. It has separate settings for list and thumbnail view.

Giving users a choice about this would drastically improve DTTG.


Just about DEVONthink To Go and it’s interface is smaller than DEVONthink’s.

@chrk and @pete31:

Okay but the question is an EITHER OR, so which would take precedence?

It should at least be possible to display 2 properties.

I can’t decide between tags and file type.
Given the heterogeneity of answers here, I think most people will be disappointed without free choice.

I second that.

Exactly. I’ve no idea how difficult it might be to give users various options but if it isn’t too difficult it’s probably the way to go.

But I’m a big fan of hidden preferences as they seem to adress both kind of users very well: those that don’t want more options and those that like to tweak as much as developers allow.

And again, gentleman: The question is EITHER OR, not “what it should (or shouldn’t be)”, nor is it about “free choice”.

Simple question: Given a choice of ONE parameter: which would it be?

Free_choice :wink:

As stated above there simply won’t be a “one fits all” solution, I think.

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As for me: Tags!

I’m not asking for a “one size fits all” response. I’m asking which SINGULAR property each person would want to see.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I very well understood your question. The point is that it’s desirable to not be restricted to this singular property that might be an outcome of this thread. Assuming that available space is the factor here it should be up to each user what they want to use it for. That’s all.


If free choice is not a possibility, I would prefer to have info regarding the file kind. Therefore I’d day: No Details.

04 (That was easy.)