Tags disappear without an additional 'enter'

When I enter multiple tags in the tag bar or the info pane, after entering all of the tags, I have to press enter one final time before clicking away from the item or I lose all of the tags. This is incredibly annoying, and I constantly find myself losing all of my tagging effort, often without my realizing it, which leads to losing track of important notes.

As an example, the shot below shows tags that I have entered, that look like they should be applied to the item and saved. However, if I click to another item right after this screen, the tags will all be erased. I have to press enter first (at which point the tags all turn dark blue), and then I can click on another item.

Why is this last ‘enter’ necessary? Can’t the tags be saved as soon as they are entered? If this is not possible, can the tags look less permanent before the last ‘enter’ to indicate that they are not yet completed and saved? Can they be a completely different color than the tags that are saved? Any of these changes would help enormously.

Thank you.

This sounds like a bug. I tried to reproduce this using the same setup (list view showing only documents, no inspector visible) but without success so far. After deselecting the item, selecting another item or selecting another sidebar item the tags are updated as expected. Which version of macOS do you use and what exactly do you select?

This will be fixed by the next release.