Tags disappearing from Tag-bar >> anyone else?

Hello all,

Running latest DTPO on El Cap, and as stated, this has been happening to me frequently enough to bring me here, to check if it’s just me?

3-pane view - scanning through PDF, and inserting tags at the bottom of the view, in the tag-bar. Without doing anything strange, the tags I have already ‘created’ for that pdf, simply disappear.

As in, before selecting a different pdf, and seeing the newly-created tags appear in the Tag Column, they simply vanish from the tag-bar - which sees me having to start all over again.

This happening to anyone else?

Are the tags and the PDF replicants inside those tags disappearing from Tags? Or just from the tagging bar? What about in other views rather than 3-pane?

Just from the tagging bar, as mentioned, before they are “set/captured” to the Tag ‘column’ in 3-pane. I don’t really use the other views, since the 3-pane is the only(?) one where I can view the content of the PDF (and scroll through it) whilst adding the tags in the tag-bar.

That side, will try and few where I open the PDF in its own window, and add to the tag-bar there, to see if I can replicate the effect.

This can be done in Split, Column, and Tags views as well.