Tags in Finder not in DT

All my documents are indexed and I’ve noticed a number of files in Finder that have tags against them but those same files dont have that tag in DT. The tag in Finder is the same as the tag in DT and I have other files with that tag in DT. FYI the Finder tag is the correct tag for that file ie it is not a random tag from somewhere.

In this particular case a search on a tag in Finder results in 94 files yet in the DT sidebar for that tag the count is 87 files. If I do not use the tag option in the sidebar and instead search the database by tag in the toolbar I get the same result, 87.

A lot of times I tag outside of DT (in Preview, Finder etc) and then move the file to the indexed folder.

I verified the database and the result is successful.

What this means is that when I search in DT by tag I can no longer trust the results.

Is there a preference somewhere that I am not turning on or is it a bug? Is there an easy fix? Thanks.

Does manually triggering File > Update Indexed Items make a difference? Do you happen to know whether the files in question were already tagged when you first indexed them?