Tags in Global Inbox?

Another newbie question here. I couldn’t find anything about it using the advanced search or the manual, so apologies if there are already posts out there (…it’s hard to use the advanced search if you don’t know the correct vocabulary!).

Is there a reason why the “tags” folder is always in the global inbox? Since the global inbox serves as a “document dump” location, it seems to get in the way there. For instance, if I’m saving things from the internet before sorting in their final-destination database, they end up before and after the tags folder (alphabetically). That means I have to do a lot more clicking to drag and drop the files I want out of the global inbox, without accidentally moving the tags folder into a different database.

Are there any ways to remove the tags folder from the global inbox? And what functionality am I losing if I try to do that? Maybe I’m not understanding the role of the tags folder or the global inbox?


The Tags group in the Global Inbox is to allow you to tag documents as you create/capture them to the Inbox, assuming you have the Import>Destination preference set to ‘Select group’. DEVONthink will auto-suggest tag names from all open databases when you start to type in the tag field of the import HUD pane. Picture below where I have selected the Global Inbox, which has no existing tags, have typed an ‘o’ in the tag field, and tags beginning with ‘o’ from all 3 opens databases are suggested.

Once you move documents from the Global Inbox to other databases, the tags will still be attached to the document. * The tagged documents are deleted from the Global Inbox Tags group as the last document with the tag is moved, but the tag itself remains.

What view are you using with the Global Inbox? Using the Three Pane view works well with the Global Inbox as the documents do not appear in the same pane as the Tags group. If you are using another view such as the Split view, you might want to try setting the sort order to date added, and depending on if you have set the sub-sort to ascending or descending, the Tag group will always appear at the top or bottom of the list.

  • Edited to clarify that tags remain in the Global Inbox, but the documents are removed from the respective tags.

Slightly different angle - the “tags” folder is missing from my Global Inbox, I would like to add it back - how do I do this?

Rebuild the database.