Tags in main view v. "Groups & Tags" Panel

I’ve noticed that the list of tags in the main view is different from the list of tags in the “Groups & Tags” panel. The “Groups & Tags” panel shows a lot of tags that are obsolete (i.e. for documents that I have deleted - mainly from an RSS feed that I used to have in my database) - and you can’t delete tags from the “Groups & Tags” panel.

Is it possible to refresh the “Groups & Tags” panel so that it matches the tags in the main view?

The Groups & Tags panel should show exactly the same groups & tags as e.g. the 3-pane or list views. Could you post some screenshots? Thanks.

Thanks for the quick response. Screen shot attached.

The list of tags you have selected in the three pane view are the tags in the Global Inbox while you have the tags in the HAH440 database selected in the Groups & Tags panel. Each database, which also includes the Global Inbox, has its own set of tags, thus the difference that you are seeing.

D’oh! Thanks for your assistance.