Tags in metadata that use tag:: are creating a double tag

It seems devonthink is only friendly with tag: and not tag::

Is there a script or custom handling that can better work with this type of tag in devonthink?
field:: value is used with apps that allow inline metadata and are forgiving with inline yaml through some plugins

In logseq the metadata is in the first line and uses a space but then still creates 2 tags in devonthink. This is not from the finder as i have it set up for devonthink to create the tags itself for me through the settings

The specification is very clear on that:


The key ends with “a colon”. So the next colon becomes part of the value,
This has, btw, nothing to do with DT. It’s a feature (or whatever you want to call it) of MultiMarkdown.

field:: value is used with apps that allow inline metadata

What apps, other than logseq?

obsidian in combination with dataview

thanks for your input! im aware the reason behind it however im looking to see if devonthink can find a way to ignore tags that dont have a space after the first colon.

doesn’t hurt to add an “ignore character that doesnt have a space between the first colon” type of thing

that would be a good solution i believe @BLUEFROG what do you think

I have no idea if that’s possible in DT or not. But yes, it does hurt to ignore specifications – more than it does to adhere to it.

You could simply remove the second colon before importing into DT. That’s one line of sed.


Development would have to assess the idea.