Tags in smart groups

Hi there, I did search the forum archive for this, but nothing showed up.

I have a smart group, @action, which contains all items that have been tagged with “action” (this allows me to easily find, in my GTD implementation, documents that are actionable).

I would very much like to be able to remove the tags from items in this group (as they are actioned) whilst viewing it, but I don’t seem to be able to edit them. The only way to remove a tag is to go to the location of the document (remembering it from the smart group view), and then remove the tag there.

Is there a way to remove tags from smart groups, or are smart groups effectively “read only”?

Many thanks,


You can edit the Tags in Three Pane view as well as in the Info Pane.

Of course I can, many thanks (and sorry for the stupid question, I’m still finding my way around DT).


such as…

No worries - DEVONthink is deep so there’s plenty to discover. (And thanks, korm.)