Tags "leak through" to macOS when updating DTPO → DT3beta1


After installing the DT3 beta and opening all my old DTPO databases in it, I found that my DEVONthink tags were now all also available as macOS tags, visible in the Finder.

However, instead of being applied to the documents that I tagged within DT, the macOS tags were all applied to the .dt3 metadata files under ~/Library/Metadata/com.devon-technologies.think3.

Completely deleting the tag in macOS (i.e. removing it from all files) does not remove the tag from DT — so that’s good.

Creating a new tag inside DT does not cause the tag to be created in macOS. It only happened to the pre-existing tags when I imported/upgraded my databases.

That’s intentional - DEVONthink’s Spotlight index supports now tags and after opening databases for the first time with version 3, the tags are exported in the background.

I see! Okay, thanks for the clarification.