Tags - more robust tags in DT and support in DT To Go!

I’ve become addicted to tags in DT, but it’s frustrating that if you add too many tags, they run off the edge of the right side of the screen/window. Is there a way you can allow for multiple lines of tags? I use many, many tags. Even being able to adjust the size of the “tag field” would be great. Better tag sorting/manipulation would also be cool (mine are sort of random, and it gets confusing sometimes that they’re considered the same as groups).

Also, there does not appear to be any support for tags in DT To Go for IOS. Maybe this is already planned for a future version, but just so you know someone is waiting for it. Thanks!

Thanks for the suggestion, this is not yet possible though.

Groups can be excluded from tagging via File > Database Properties.

I second this request! The possibilities of working with tags in DT are awesome (especially in combination with smart groups), but the editing window for tags definitely needs to become larger or adjustable.