Tags not availabe for imported email in Main window inspector

Hi Knowledgeable Ones,

I stumbled upon this today: After importing a single email message (without any tags, I use MailTags) via the menu “import to DT3” I wanted to add some tags in the inspector (main window) while the message was still in the global inbox. Didn’t accept it.

I then moved it to the appropriate database, same persistent problem.

Now when I double clicked on the message to open it in its own window (still in DT3) I could manipulate the tags. These tags did show up in the main inspector pane in the main (unified) window. BUT these were still not accessible for changing or adding. The main window shows a blinking insertion point, but all I get is a beep.

Any idea?

Any item should actually accept tags. A screenshot would be useful.

Note, these tabs were put in the window, which opened by doubleclick (only the document and the inspector).

When trying to manipulate the tabs in the unified window inspector (cursor is blinking, which doesn’t show in this screenshot), it dies not accept any input (“bleep” “bleep”). Email essage was reported as being imported.

Which version/edition of DEVONthink do you use and which version of macOS?

latest version of DT3

OSX 10.14.6.

And now the funny thing: After closing DT3 and reopening it, it works again. But I REALLY really tried, and I am quite sure about having the focus active in the main window, and all I got was a bleep!
Wonder if the systems log would be helpful?!

No. But you could choose Help > Report Bug while pressing the Alt modifier key and send the result to cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies.com - thanks!

sent. Sorry about the non repocibility!