Tags not editable/ Tag view grayed out in DT 2

hi there,

i have used 1.x for some time now, even though it has been less and less lately. with the beta of DT 2 i am re-beginning to use DT now and try a fresh start with this app since it seams that it has improved quit a bit from 1.x

when organizing my stuff, i tend to be a big fan of tagging, wether email, pics or else. hence i i wanted to tag some pics in my new DT-database but unfortunately the only way to summon the tags-window seams to be thru the info-panel which seams a bit unhandy. to my suprise the tags are not editable thru the info-window and the only tag which appears is the name of the folder the file is in. also i noticed in the views that there is a tag-view but the option is grayed out and not clickable.

so my question, how can i tag my files in DT?

(i tried searching the forums which seem to be having some technical issues since the search always returns 0 results, and in the documentation the tagging option is barely mentioned, at least there’s no explanation how to use the tags or how to activate the grayed out tag-view)

thanx for any help!

As documented in the Upgrader’s Guide to the beta releases, the planned tagging feature has not yet been implemented.

thank you very much for the fast response. i appreciate it very much.

i was worried that the feature might have been to complicated or unhandy to use in DT 2 (the in my view unergonomic user experience was the main reason why i used 1.x less and less) so i am quite happy to hear that it’s just not there yet :smiley:

DT 2 looks a looot better than DT 1.5, which is by itself already was a great peace of software but a tad too lacking on user interface. version 2 seams to be getting it perfect this time…good luck