Tags on file not updating once change

Hi there

By mistake I’ve deleted some of my tags in the tags list of Mas OS with the consequence that some of my pdf’s files indexed in one of my Devonthink DB have lost their tags (I use them to create some smart groups based on the value of the tags).
As a consequence some of my smart groups are now empty where as yesterday they contained hundred of indexed PDFs.
I tried to add again the missing tags directly to the PDF in the folder where they are located thinking that with the DT menu update indexed items the tags attached of the PDFs will then be restored but it doesn’t work.
Did I missed something or is it logical ?
I would like to avoid to redo from scratch the indexation (for each PDF I put also a colored flag which I am afraid will disappear with the reindexation).

thanks for your feedback

Did you add them in the folder in the Finder or in the indexed group in DEVONthink? Tags added in DEVONthink should be added immediately to indexed files.

Alternatively, you could restore the latest backup before you deleted the tags.


Finally the re-addition of tags directly on my PDFs is reflected in DT :slight_smile:

And indeed if I add the Tags in DT it’s also added to the indexed files

So all it’s OK now