Tags to be in DT 2.0?

I see the “Tags” view in the toolbar but I can’t seem to assign my own tags to documents. Will this feature be unlocked in the 2.0 final?

Will it import tags from spotlight comments (preferably customisable, e.g. only comment words with one of the commom prefixes such as “&”)?

I have a large collection of Leap-tagged files that I’d like to bring into DTPO but before I buy it I’d like to make sure my tagging work will be preserved.

Thanks for clearing this up.

It will be available in the final version 2.0

Both Leap and DEVONthink should support OpenMeta soon and then this horrible, unreliable and limited workaround based on Finder/Spotlight comments won’t be necessary anymore anyway.

Thanks for the clarification

Amen, Christian!

As an FYI to all you DT fans… Leap 2 Beta (fully OpenMeta enabled) is live and can be found here: ironicsoftware.com/community/com … e=1#Item_7 .

There is a sub-link in the discussion with a few notes from the OpenMeta Lead Programmer, Tom Andersen as well, for those so inclined. Cheers!

I’m really looking forward to the tagging feature - which is an understatement! I NEED tagging! At the moment I’m trying several apps with tagging abilities but all of them do not offer the great searching abilities of Devonthink. So when can we expect the tagging interface to work? And could you be a bit more specific about it? Will it be a list of tags or something more sophisticated? I really love the feature in Leap, where the search for one tag just leaves the possible combinations and not the whole long list. Please, tell us something about the tagging interface!!! I would be more than happy to test tagging - I just need it!

A desparate customer!

Hi Birgitt-

DTPO “Groups” are tags. Group names show up as tags in the “Get Info” window. Create groups and replicate your data into as many groups as you want to tag the data with.

I’m sure some more UI and search nicety, as well as export to other tag-based applications, is forthcoming.

But you’ve got all the basic Tag functionality in DTPO already.

HTH, Charles

Well, I know that groups are tags and that you can create tags by replication. But it is much more time consuming to replicate an item to lots of groups - compared to typing in some tags while reading the text. And apart from that I want to know what makes the tag view different from the group view. If tags are groups - why is there a tag view in the first place? In apps like Leap tags create “group” structure on the fly which makes things much more flexible. Will the tag view work like this? I have lots of questions and I hope that some are answered when I know something about the tag view. And why does it take so long to implement tag view? If tags are just groups. I’m just asking.

Answers, please.

Tags are majorly needed for sure. I look forward to this feature being enabled.

Can you say anything about the kind of tag interface you are considering? I’d like to add a vote for complete keyboard navigation.

Me too!



Yes. The basic functions for tags are inside already.

But it’s not all about functionality. The manner in which you can access the functions is what makes it a killer feature, or a killed feature.

Will DTPRO force you to focus your attention on the UI and figuring things out, or will it let you focus on your work? Will the UI add labourous interfacing tasks, or will the UI be like an extension of your body and mind?

The saying that “the devil is in the details” is just so true for an application like this. I have high hopes for the implementation of tags in Dtpro!