Tags vanish


I’m having problems with tagging in Devonthink Personal, as docs I had tagged when they were in the Inbox seem to sometimes lose their tag when I move them to a Group and/or replicate them between Groups.

The work process is as follows:

  1. I put new documents (mostly wordfiles or pdfs) into the inbox.
  2. I tag them in the inbox.
  3. I move them to a relevant Group (often with a name identical to the tag).
  4. I replicate the file moved to a Group to further relevant Groups.

The problem shows up at stages 3) and 4): items that I tagged (and which showed their tags) when they were in the Inbox appear to lose their tags when they enter the Group/items that I tagged when they appeared in Group X lose the tag when I replicate them to Group Y, with the item in Both Groups X And Y suddenly no longer showing a tag.

This does not happen with all docs, but perhaps 15% of the time.

Any suggestions for what the problem might be and what could be done?

Many thanks in advance