Tags view improvement

If this has been raised before, I’m raising it again:

In View > as Tags it would be useful if clicking one or more documents in the list panel at the top of that view caused some visual selection of tags in the righthand panel. Like an asterisk, or boldface/italic, or change the color of the tag bubble. Or, maybe a keystroke would hide all the tags in the righthand panel except the ones that belong to that document or selection.

Something that would make it immediately obvious which tags belong to that document. The tags bar at the bottom of the preview pane can scroll off to the right - often without indicating that more tags exist for that document - and is not very useful for tag browsing in any view.

I think we need better ways to browse tags.

And I too raise it again! I know this is an old post… will check the forum to see if there is anything else on this, as it would be very useful…

I often search for specific words in the documents, and if they are found, I “tag” the document.
As the documents are constantly being added, I occasionally search for the same word. It would be very useful to be able to quickly determine if I have already checked or not that document by reading, in a quick way, all its tags.

Bottom bar with scroll functionality is not very friendly …