Tags with brackets

At the moment, I am trying “special tags” as a way to group documents across multiple databases for research projects.

To distinguish between the typical tags I use, which are always one word like GLM or Bayesian, I created a tag called: [MyProjRef] The brackets included. Thinking that the brackets would indicated a “project” tags.

I was able to add the tag to multiple documents just fine.

If I go into the Tags area on the sidebar, select a database, I can filer by that tag. I can also add it to my favorites.

If I try using the search capabilities via tag:[MRRVRef] this doesn’t work. No documents are returned. The same for iOS.

The tag search supports wildcards and the wildcard syntax uses already brackets. E.g. [a-z] matches one of the characters from a to z whereas [ade] matches the characters a, d or e. Therefore another character should work.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Should we be allowed to enter tags with that special character then?

Sure. You can still find them, e.g. by searching for ?MRRVRef?.