Tags wrap around or view only "active" tags

I love that I can use groups as tags, but with a few nested groups and more than one replicant, the total number of tags at the bottom of the document is too many to be useful. I would request either:

  1. Ability to wrap tags into 2 or 3 lines under the item, or even better

  2. the ability to toggle between all tags and only tags that actually have a replicant in them (as a group), or to be clear, the lowest nested group of each replicant location.

  3. I would also like to be able to put an item into a parent and child tag at the same time (right now, if I add a parent and child tag at the same time, the item is filed only in the child rather than putting a replicant in the parent and child tag). I know that parent tags aren’t recommended to have files, but I find that my system is much more intuitive with this (I put the most useful and frequently used files as a replicant in the parent tag), and so this is my request. There is clearly a way to keep track because I can drag my file into the parent and create a replicant in both locations - I just want the ability to do this rapidly by adding tags.

Thanks for a great product!