I have one database where I use a lot of tags. However, I don’t find it useful to have most of the Groups show up in my Tag List (I can see the Groups in the file hierarchy to the left, so it seems redundant to also have them appear in the Tag List).

Most of the terms I use as Tags are not Group or filenames – I use tags to identify several aspects of file content (most of these are images or pdfs and the terms I use as tags would not generate results in a search).

Is there any way to set the default for a new Group/folder to Exclude from Tagging? I’d rather have to turn it on when I want a Group to be tagged than have to remember to turn it off all the time.

File > Database Properties > [name of your database] > Exclude Groups from Tagging

or, control-click a database name in the global sidebar and choose Database Properties, etc.

Clicking the Exclude Groups from Tagging checkbox in Database Properties applies to all current and future groups in that database.

Very cool; thanks for the quick response! I knew there had to be a way.