Take Note and Copy Selection Hotkey

The Take Note dialog invoked by the Take Note hotkey behaves inconsistently depending on whether it is invoked with the Sorter running or not. When the Sorter is not running, it comes up in the middle of the screen and offers a choice of destinations for the note. When the Sorter is running, the full destination dialog is not available from the Take Note dialog.

Unlike the Take Note hotkey, the Copy Selection hotkey won’t work at all when the Sorter is not running. The same functionality can be invoked using the “Save to Sorter’s Inbox” service. But this will result in the Sorter being started, which alters the behavior of the Take Note hotkey, as described above.

The Copy Selection hotkey also does not honor the New Notes or Destination settings in the Import preference pane. It always goes to the Global Inbox and the new document that it creates is not automatically opened, even if that option is selected.

Is there any way to change these behaviors? I’d like to be able to take a note using the dialog in the middle of the screen with the ability to specify a destination whether the Sorter is running or not. I’d like Copy Selection to work whether the Sorter is running or not. And I’d like Copy Selection to follow my settings for selecting an import destination.

Not sure if these are feature requests or requests for help with available settings that are not obvious to me.

Thank you for the feedback! All options/features of Preferences > Sorter require the Sorter, only taking notes is also supported without the Sorter. However, a future release will revise and unify this.