take note background

Is it possible for the ‘take note’ feature to have a background color that is not black. I would much rather write with black notes on a white background, or have the choice of creating my own scheme. As it is, it is a bit like writing on a blackboard and it is not visually the easiest for me to use.

Many thanks.

Don Spady

+1 for this. These Apple-style HUDs are unpleasant to work with.

Another request for this-please! A great example of how this could be done is in Scrivener, which pretty much allows complete customization of the interface. The background colors in Scrivener are user-defined, but (with all due respect to Henry Ford) I suspect that I would be happy with just about anything other than black.

Here is a HUD for the QuickRef in Scrivener with the default background color preference:

The same text captured in DEVONthink’s HUD:

+1 for this!